MSR MapCruncher for Virtual Earth

MSR MapCruncher for Virtual Earth 3.2

A tool for integrating the maps of your choice into the Virtual Earth API
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If you want to import maps to supplement the existing road and aerial imagery in Virtual Earth's APIn than the MSR MapCruncher for Virtual Earth is the right application for you. With this map crunching program you can convert your maps quickly into an online format. Whether they are ancient maps, bicycle tracks, maps of parks or villages and towns, MSR MapCruncher will take your input map and generate a collection of small, correctly aligned tiles that can be viewed in Virtual Earth. The program supports several input file types, the best for a high quality is PDF, since the graphics contained in a PDF file are usually of high resolution and look good even when they are rendered at high zoom levels. Any source map of high resolution in JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP formats are supported by the program. Once you have launched MSR MapCruncher and added your source map from your file system and found an easily identifiable feature on it, you can navigate Virtual Earth to find the corresponding feature on that and label the point. Labeling a few points is key to reducing errors. Once you've corresponded all your points, you can render your results and MSR MapCruncher will estimate the rendered output size, and will render your tiles. The program will estimate a reasonable zoom level for your map, although you can set it yourself. The lower the level is, the more tiles are required and the longer the rendering process is.

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